A note from JARED LETO:

Today is a very special day. ARTIFACT, the film we have worked on for over five years is finally out and available worldwide to own via our good friends at iTunes and for those who’d love a physical copy, it’s right here at vyrtstore.com.

It tells a very personal story about this band, fighting for our creative lives. It was a battle that saw us risk having everything taken away - our art, our work, and our dreams.

We were sued for 30 million dollars. We fought for our lives. And we filmed it all.

We made this little film ourselves. Just a small group of artists and crafts people. We shot it. We produced. We financed. We edited. We directed. And we are so proud to finally be able to share this story with you now.

Thank you so much for supporting this film. For supporting independent cinema. For supporting us.

This is the story of the making of THIS IS WAR.

ARTIFACT on iTunes

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